Queens 2018:

Sales conditions:

- Delivery after payment on the basis of invoice.

- Payment via bank transfer.

- Our prices include VAT, excl. shipping costs.

- All our Queens are marked with the Apinaut – system..

- All our Queens are clipped

- Al our Queen are delivered with a pedigree

- Our hives are not treated against Varroa and so are the accompanying bees also not treated.

KI - Lines 2018:


KI - Linie 2018



Price incl. Tax

B357 (DDG)


Varroa resistant and strong spring colony


SMR Queens

500,00 EUR

Only professional beekeepers with TAX Nr°

end of June till end Sept.

B402 (DDG)


Disease resistant and high honey production

SDR Queens

275,00 EUR


 end of Mai till end Sept.

B109 (DDG)


specifically for warm climate and greenhouses with very large breeding nest and high honey production.

175 EUR


end of Mai till end Sept.

B260 (DDG)

B235 (JG) ins B189 (JG)

Very high honey production

85 EUR

B107 (DDG)

B235 (JG) ins B209(JG)

Soft and stabel colony

85 EUR

B084 (DDG)

B235 (JG) ins B209(PJ)

Very good pollinator 

85 EUR


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